Aunt B – adorable little shih tzu girl

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My name is Aunt B, but my foster Mom calls me Bridgette.  Don’t I look like a little blond Bridgette?  I’m a little senior lady, but I’ve got lots of love and spunk in me.  I don’t hear too well so I will watch you very closely to see what you’re doing.  I love to go for walks and I get along with my foster brothers/sisters, but prefer my human family.
My foster mom says I’m adorable, but no one seems to want me.  I’m not sure why.  I’m only 10 years young – that’s only about 56 in people years.  I don’t think people consider themselves worthless at 56.  Why doesn’t anyone want to adopt me?

Aunt B. also needs around $100 a month, for her vet visits and meds while she is in our program.  She is looking for five people to subscribe to donate only $20 a month for her.  If you are interested in being one of her sponsors while she remains in our program, you can subscribe via paypal HERE or if you would rather send a check, you can do it HERE.

Today, Aunt B has 1 monthly sponsors. 

Aunt B’s monthly sponsors are:

Cat Martindale, Chugger and Chachacha

And here are new pictures as of Oct 20.  No problem with attitude for this girl!!

AuntB-10-20-2006-2.jpg         AuntB-10-20-2006-1.jpg

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  1. Karen(Aunt B's foster mom) said,

    October 20, 2006 at 10:28 am

    Aunt B is a true “little old lady”. Her foster mom calls her Bridette as in Bardot, since she’s a pretty blond diva. Aunt B’s favorite thing, after eating, is sleeping. She makes sure that she gets lots of beauty rest. She is a true diva and and will only tolerate so much nonsense from her foster brothers and sisters or mom. If they don’t conform to her desires she will let them know she’s tired of them. But, at her age she’s entitled to get her own way :o ). Aunt B also loves to roam around the yard and sniff everything. When the weather is nice she’ll stay outside for a long time just basking in the sun and checking out everything. When mealtime comes around, she’s right there in the front. Recently she’s started getting confused though and we laugh at her. Since she’s fed in the utilty room she will run in there while her foster mom is fixing her dinner and go behind the door to scratch like she’s trying to get out. We’re not sure what she’s doing, but she seems to think it makes sense. This little girl likes to be picked up and held sometimes, but then is ready to get down and roam or sleep. She has a slight heart murmur and is deaf, but she’s doing very well and has settled into her foster home where she’ll probably stay. A big thanks to her sponsor for helping keep Aunt B healthy and happy.

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