Alfie’s Angeles

As of December 10, 2006, we’re still just over $1500 short for Alfie’s fund.  We hope to do a serious fundraising campaign and get him whole by the end of the year so that we can continue his hospice treatment.


As of October 20, 2006, Alfie has received $350 in donations for his astronomical vet bill.  These wonderful people, took his story to heart and added to Alfie’s fund.


Donna Wilt,  Janet L McLeland, Coco (now Chloe) & Bear, SPCA rescues from the 6/04 Wills Point puppy mill bust, now forever happy & safe because of LSSTLAR, Regina Day, Erin Bersin, in honor of Puff, Karen Harris, My sweet Jodie, Christine Hutchinson, Sharon Lisk, in honor of Smidget, and Coty, Eddie DaSalva, Jacqueline Field, Diana Goldman, Janet McLeland.