Alfie’s holiday update

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Alfie is doing well on his medication. He still has to wear a diaper, but he seems to be feeling better and has a good appetite. Of course, when he felt a lot worse, we had to make hamburgers for his meals to get him to eat, and he still wants them. So, since he is so special and sweet, his foster mom continue to make him hamburger patties. His favorite thing is to go outside and role around in the yard scratching his back. Sometimes he comes to the door covered in grass, but so “happy”.  He’s a sweet little guy and continues to require daily medication. We hope to find maybe 4-5 people who would be willing to commit to sponsoring him by donating just $10.00 each monthly to cover the cost of his medication. We know his is a hospice situation, but we want him to feel as good as he can during the time he has remaining. Will you consider helping him?

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