Alfie has prostate cancer

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Sadly, we received the test results for Alfie – he has prostate cancer and the long term prognosis is not good.  He’s already incurred astronomically-high vet bills and now there is nothing we can do other than be supportive.  However, he’s on a medication that is helping him for now to feel a whole lot better. He’s eating better, actually playing some, and is more active than he has been for a long time. In addition, he’s playing this for all it’s worth since he now gets daily hamburger patties instead of dog food. He will stay with his foster mom who will will keep working with the vet to help make sure the quality of his life is good for as long as possible. We’ll keep you updated on this little guy’s progress and thanks to all of you for donating so we can help Alfie feel as good as possible for the remainder of his life

If this little guy’s story – abandoned at 12 years of age - and now with cancer – moves you, please consider contributing to his medical fund.  We need to be able to pay his current bills and get prepared for what it will take to keep him happy until the inevitable.  If you are able to contribute via Paypal, CLICK HERE.  Or, if you would rather send Alfie a check, GO HERE.

To date, this sweet little boy has only had $350 contributed toward his $2200 veterinary bills.  We need to be able to support him, but, as you know, are totally dependent on the public donations to keep his medical treatment going.  Please consider helping Alfie.

Update Saturday 12:15 PM – thanks Stephanie F., Pam Glass, Lori U. and Cat M. (and Chachacha and Chugger) for your donations to little ALFIE.  He thinks he just hit the lottery.  Only $1530 to go.  Stay tuned on this page to watch the progress for this adorable boy.  Foster mom, Karen, took new pictures today, so hopefully we’ll have some new photos of this adorable pup within the next day or so.


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